The People

Claire Wicher

Founder, Organiser

Claire founded CodeUp shortly before she started working for Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab) but has since qualified as a teacher of computer science.

Claire is a technology-loving girl geek with a passion for organising events, as well as being a blogger, BCS PGCE Scholar, Custodian of BarCamp Manchester, Founder of CodeUp, and Awesomeness Ambassador for the Django Girls Foundation. She is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, North West Code Club Champion, National Coding Week Ambassador and Pi-Top Champion.

Ben Brunton

Assistant Organizer

Ben is a Senior Consultant at Infinity Works. At the moment he's mostly working on NodeJS, React and PHP projects. He always has a side project on the go and likes to dabble in a bit of everything, mainly focusing on Rust development at the moment.

You can see some of his work on github.

Nathan Scott

Assistant Organizer

Nathan is a self taught software and web developer and also volunteers as a Mentor to young kids interested in learning computer programming or Web Development. He primarily works with HTML/CSS but has learned some aspects of Javascript, C#, Java and he is also interested in learning ReactJS and NodeJS.

You can view Nathan's projects here on his github.

David Jimenez

Assistant Organizer

David is a Consultant at Infinity Works. His daily job revolves around JavaScript stacks, chiefly NodeJS and React. In the past, David has also worked with Microsoft technologies like C# and SQL Server. He spends some of his free time researching low-level computing topics, tinkering away with Linux and levelling up his skills in C, Python and Go.

Feel free to check out his GitHub page and his blog!