Work Shops

Whilst most of our mentors help with whatever's going on that day, some prefer to prepare workshops and lead them over the course of an evening. If you have an idea for a workshop, either to attend or run, send us an email or simply shout up on our Slack channel.

Most of the projects and workshop material used in the sessions will be made available on the CodeUp Leeds GitHub page.

If you would like to learn anything about GitHub or git then feel free to ask one of the mentors or check out the Learning section to find out more.

External Activities

These are some recommended external activities that will help you progress into the world of being a developer.

Alexander Kallaway spent a year and a half learning to code and had many ups and downs along the way. He felt his experience would be useful to people and so set up #100DaysOfCode, challenging people to code for an hour a day. The challenge now has a small army of committed subscribers who share their projects, experiences and progress daily.